How It Works

Step 1: Choose a Product and Upload a Photo

Choose a product (framed poster, phone case, canvas, etc.) and upload a photo of your pet from any device and virtually any platform (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.) to upload with your order. Picking/taking a good picture is important! We strongly recommend reviewing our image guidelines!

Step 2. Customize Your Art

After uploading a photo, select from the available product options. We offer multiple sizes, frame colors, and from over a dozen background colors. Don't forget to add your pet's name!

Step 3: Relax

Let us take it from here :) Our team of artists will create a unique piece of artwork inspired from your photograph. Our artists need some time to work; artwork usually ships within 7 days but please allow up to 3 weeks (3- 4 weeks for international orders).


Our Process

Each piece of art is hand-created by a talented artist. We try to capture the essence and uniqueness of each pet.

The digital artwork is then printed on a number of different substrates. We use a high-quality printing process to produce a vibrant, colorful piece of art that will not degrade or yellow over time.

Since each product is handmade, there is some variability on when you will receive your product. In the USA, most artwork ships within two weeks but please allow up to three. For orders out of the USA, please allow up to four weeks.